The Garden in Mid-May


Spring is in full swing, finally, and the garden is filling out really nicely! I’ve actually been spending so much time out there that I haven’t been blogging very much haha. Here’s a whole whack of photos taken of the garden in the last week or so. A lot has already changed since I took the photos, even, so I’ll have another update soon.




^ Our poppies are finally going to blossom this year!


We wanted to plant a larger patch of lungwort this year, but the garden centre said they likely wouldn’t be getting any in so we had to improvise. We took the one plant we had growing on the side of the stairs and separated it into about 7 portions. We weren’t sure if they were going to make it, but there are signs of life! We will probably have to trim away all the old leaves as they wither, but then the plant will come back. Fingers crossed!



These alliums are gorgeous


^ The strawberry patch has exploded!



The finished stairs still make me so happy. They still need to be stained, but we are waiting for more dry weather.



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