White Oriental Poppy


I think it was 2 years ago that we bought a flat of red and white poppy starters and planted them around the yard. The first year they did nothing, then died back. The next year they didn’t return so we assumed they were gone, but then this spring we were surprised to see them sprouting up steadily with the rest of the spring plants. And now we have a dozen or so poppy heads just about to flower, and two that have blossomed already; both the White Oriental Poppy. Wow, they were worth the wait! So beautiful!!


I can’t wait to see the red ones as well, and collect as many seeds as I can in the fall! I want these things everywhere <3<3<3



  1. wow those are incredible! I’ll trade you banana pups for some seeds??
    I’d love to have those beauties in my yard too!

  2. Gorgeous capture of natures radience. I am an emerging watercolour artist in Tauranga , New Zealand. I would love to paint your white poppies- with your permission of course. I am happy to credit you with the reference photos. Many thanks. Debbie Clarke. My Instagram page is @debclarkenz if you’d like to see some of my work. Debbie.Clarke@landmarkhomes.co.nz

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