More Garden Progress


Things got really lush and green around here really fast this year! I’m in complete awe of all the plants that came back and how quickly everything filled in. I’m so very in love with our yard and how far it has come! Take a look at this post from 1 year ago to see where we were then and how crazy good it looks now.


^ Here’s a shot to show how high the plants in this corner have gotten, they now cover the side of the stairs (which is what we wanted!) Below is a pic of what it looked like 1 year ago when we planted the starters:



^ And after!


^ This little tufts of green in the centre were just itty bitty little twigs I transplanted last year from the side of the driveway because they looked like little purple violets. I can’t believe how far they have spread already.


^ The embankment continues to fill in with the seeds I spread; hollyhocks, calendula, silver dollars, loveage, and a few other plants we haven’t identified yet.


^ In addition to the bunny poop we have in abundance, we also put some alpaca poop on our plants this year (from our neighbour up the street).


^ Last year was a real dud for our goji berry plant, but this year it came back full force after J moved it into a large planter outside the door downstairs. Look at it go! We’ve also got some new leaves coming up on the bear’s breeches we grew from seed this year. I found a plant in Horseshoe Bay last year while I was commuting every week, and watched for it to go to seed. When it did, I grabbed a handful and a then few weeks ago J set them up in the starter trays. They sprouted easily and have required pretty minimal care from us so far. We are really excited to see how they turn out!!


^ The pomegranate tree is coming back! It’s so far behind everything else that we thought it was dead. Patience is clearly a very important part of successful gardening lol


^ Strawberries!


^ Last week I harvested a few of the lemon balm plants, and as you can see they are already growing back up. This stuff is relentless!


^ And speaking of relentless, check out the growth on these crazy raspberries!! Above is 1 year ago when we planted the raspberry canes, and below is what they look like now… unbelievable.


Some blossoms currently on display:




^ I collected the seeds for this silver dollar plant from beside the field of my old elementary school in Horseshoe Bay. I didn’t think they were going to come up but they did and the little purple flowers are sweet.


^ Here’s a before and after of one of our comfrey plants that fell over and needed to be harvested. It got so big so fast it couldn’t support itself and squished our wallflowers, lavenders and monkshood, but I cut it back and it already has new shoots at the base. We are going to have a ton of comfrey this year.



  1. lots of tender loving care went into your garden – it is truly beautiful! well done both of you!!

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