Succulent Progress


Since setting up all my succulents on the single shelf in the sun room / green house, they have all gone bonkers. These Echeveria flowers are just about the cutest things I have ever seen!


^ The little pepperface plants I picked up last year haven’t grown much, but they are hanging in there (white vase with the face on it) That Blue Aurora sedum is growing so quickly though! I love the look of it and the way the branches all grow out at the same length.


^ I picked up this Echeveria just a few weeks ago at the Spring market here on Gabriola, and it already has the cutest flowers on it. They look like they are made of cake icing!


^ This Echeveria Metallica (yes I bought it purely for the name) has thrown up the longest, most hilarious little blossom. I love it.



^ I’m happy to see this one doing something as well, I love the leaf shape.


^ Even the little succulents are reaching up to the light!


^ I don’t know what the heck this one is doing, but I love it.


^ This little terrarium outgrew itself way faster than I thought it would. I’m probably going to have to break the glass and transplant them into something bigger pretty soon.



^ One more Echeveria for you, as the hairdo on my Monkey tumbler. I think succulents are my favourite plant of all the plants! They are so adorable.


  1. Such lovely succulents! How often do you water the ones in terrariums? I get anxious about planting mine in non draining pots but yours seem to be doing so well and look amazing!

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