Moon Box: Full Moon in Sagittarius (Strawberry Moon)


It’s the full moon today in Sagittarius, also known as the Strawberry Moon (it’s actually more of a mini-moon, it will appear the smallest tonight that it will all year.) The Strawberry moon is all about that spring energy we feel in the month of June when our gardens are blossoming and berries begin to ripen. The days are getting longer as we are nearing the summer solstice, and everyone is in a playful mood. This is also a time for us to set goals and become active in achieving them. Use that spring energy to bounce you right into new projects! ❤

I just picked my Moon Box up from the mailbox and it looks great! Included this month are two large beauty items, one Lucid Dreaming Elixir and one “Son Rain” Aromatherapy spray. The spray smells very light and fresh and is made with cedar leaf, violet, citronella, patchouli, eucalyptus, and galbanum. It sorta makes me think of ginger beer, but it doesn’t have any ginger in ha. Love it!



The crystals this month are all a great size, and I love the quartz point! This point was sourced from Pakistan and is thought to be an amplifier of energies. The piece above it in my hand is Peacock Ore, sourced from Mexico, and is used to ignite creative expression. The final stone is perhaps the coolest looking of the bunch, the Sodalite from Brazil. It is a light blue colour and feels very smooth. Sodalite is the stone of truth and communication.

The tea blend included strawberry, hibiscus, white tea, vanilla, rose hips, and nettle leaf and I liked it best of all the teas they have included so far, I think! I’m a big fan of white tea and hibiscus. The perfumed oil roller this month also smells really light and fresh, and is made with clary sage, violet leaf, white sage, lime, blood orange, and lavender. It’s the lime that really makes it for me, I can’t resist that zingy sweet smell.


Check out Gaia Collective here if you are interested in a Moon Box subscription. I have really enjoyed them so far and would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in lunar cycles and self-care. ❤



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