Gabriola Market 2017


I’ve been a busy little bee around here working on stuff for our fledgling business. The market season kicked off over the May Long Weekend here on Gabriola, and we finally got ourselves organized enough to have a table for the year! There’s still a lot more work to be done and fine-tuning to make, but the shipment of tarot cards finally arrived and now this all feels real. The first few weeks at the market went well and I’m hoping things continue to pick up over the summer!


I’ve been working a lot on our branding and having new cards and packaging printed to try out.



The table set up has been pretty basic since we started, but we are learning about what works and what doesn’t; what sells and what doesn’t, how to display testers, buttons and everything else… it’s been a lot of fun, actually!



If you are on Gabriola on any of the Saturdays this summer season, come say hi between 10am and 1pm at the Agi Hall!


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