Growing Goji Berries


We have had a goji berry plant for a few seasons now, and even got a bunch of berries the first year, but it has been struggling following the hot and dry summer we had last year. This year we moved the plant into a large pot and put it outside the studio doors downstairs and it just took off! J was able to separate a smaller plant off the large one and so now we have two established plants. We also planted a tray of goji seeds and have had almost all of them germinate.



The seed packet said to put them under a grow light once they have sprouted, so we set this tray up in the sun room with our tiny light and our fingers crossed. I’m looking forward to having a ton of goji berries!


^ Here is the largest goji plant, in the large black pot, at the end of February when it was first moved. The following picture was taken a few weeks ago:


And now here we are at the start of June! The growth this plant put on in the first season was pretty leggy and uneven, and we didn’t prune it back in the fall which I have read would impact the growth of berries the following season. Not wanting to make that mistake again we pruned it back (maybe even a bit too much ha) and this is what happened. So, yeah! Prune your goji berry back in the fall if you want quicker and more uniform growth the next season. Those two long branches reaching up for the light will be snipped back this fall, along with any others that shoot out unevenly. I’m starting to get the hang of this gardening thing! ❤


    • They can be used lots of ways! I mostly use them to top salads or add to fruit and yogurt or granola. They are also a nice addition to energy bars! We learned that the berries are pretty gross when eaten fresh, so I dehydrated a bunch and they ended up really tough. What you’re actually supposed to do it wait for them to shrivel up on the plant and THEN pick them. They’re a funny little berry haha

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