Recent Thrift Scores!


I took a small break from thrift shopping because going on leave from work means you got nooooo money. I’m back now and finally got a real paycheck so I could pick up some things we’ve needed (woo hoo!) I found a couple items last week that I was pretty pleased with, starting with this king sized duvet.

Since we moved our queen bed into the guest bedroom and got a king sized bed for our room, we have had a tough time finding the right sized sheets for it at a reasonable price. We bought the first set of sheets and eiderdown brand new and it cost almost $200… and we skipped the duvet cover at the time because that would have added another $100+. I love sleeping and everything, but I’m never going to get to sleep if I’m worrying about spending all that money! Hahaha. Value Village hardly ever has king sized fitted sheets or duvet covers (though usually has some decent flat sheets), two items I like to collect so the sheets can be changed more often. So I was pretty excited to find a duvet with a print I liked, and then discover it was a king (and also looked brand new!) I got this beauty for $24.99 – and then knocked 30% off with a coupon bringing this brand new king duvet to $17.49. Good score!


I couldn’t resist these other little knick-knacks; a magic 8-ball (I loved my 8-ball as a kid!) and another nicely painted ceramic owl for the collection.



I also snagged these two huge screen printing frames at VV for $15 each. That’s a lot for VV, but still very, very cheap in the art supply world so I bought them. Now I just have to dream something up to burn into it!


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