Harvesting: Honey Berries


We have honeyberries! We’ve had 3 honeyberry plants for one season already, and another 2 are from the season before, but we had not yet gotten any berries off them (same goes for our blueberries, but this year they have lots!) J suggested that we transfer the berry bushes to pots to see if we could get them to grow faster outside the downstairs door where it gets the most sun, and we had actually just been given 5 large sturdy plastic planters so it was pretty perfect. J moved the bushes into their new pots and they already seem a lot happier in their new location. That was when I noticed the berries!



^ This is one of our older honey berry bushes, it’s looking really great! Honey berries are pretty tasty; like a cross between a blueberry and a tart huckleberry. 


^ This is another honeyberry we have had for two seasons, but I think it struggled due to lack of sunlight where we had it under the hazelnut trees. They’ve already put a lot of growth on this season, in fact, everything has! Lucky us!



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