Top 10 Tuesday: Top 10 Authors #6


This week for Top 10 Tuesday we are at #6 on my Top 10 Authors list; James Tiptree Jr. 

Tiptree is the male pseudonym of Alice Sheldon, a writer of science fiction in the 60’s and 70’s. Alice was born in 1915 and lived a truly extraordinary life leading up to her death by suicide in 1987, as is chronicled in Julie Phillips’ excellent biography James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon. Alice kept her true identity and gender secret for many years, during which time she was reclusive but communicated with other authors (Ursula Le Guin included) by exchanging letters. 


I just love everything about her writing style and it’s hyper-masculine feel, as well as the themes tackled in her works with feminism being the most common throughout.  

I’ve collected a small stack of Tiptree books, including some with some really strange cover art (the skinny scarecrow man on the cover of Warm Worlds freaks me right out). 


My favourite Tiptree book is the collection of short stories titled Her Smoke Rose Up Forever. It’s actually one of my favourite books ever! Every story is strong and the atmosphere she creates is great. The themes are varied and she covers a lot of really great ones. 

I also really enjoyed her novel Up the Walls of the World, it had some very, very cool world building. 

Not a lot of people know who I am talking about when I mention James Tiptree Jr, which is too bad because she was an incredibly interesting and talented woman. I definitely recommend Her Smoke Rose Up Forever to anyone interested in science fiction and/or feminism!


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  1. I love James Tiptree! Have read most of what she wrote. Discovered her in a course on Sci/Fi from U of Waterloo back in the 80’s. I highly recommend her as well.

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