Vegan Battle: Sausage!


It’s been a while but I’m finally back with another Vegan Battle! This time we are doing vegan sausage. I do love a hot dog from time to time, but what’s REALLY in the meaty ones? We’ve all heard the rumours and frankly the idea grosses me out. Vegan sausages have gotten pretty close to replicating the taste and texture of sausage but with all plant-based ingredients, which is a lot less gross when you think about it. I’ve got a couple different brands here, all purchased from the grocery store here on Gabriola. The first is Artisan Tofurkey Cajun-Style Meatless Sausage, followed by Original Field Roast Company’s Artisan Vegan Italian Simulated Sausage, and the final competitor is Gusta’s Artisanal Vegan Wheat Sausage (German flavour).


Field Roast! I love their veggie burgers, and was looking forward to trying their Italian sausage. These ones looked the least appealing of the three vegan sausages I tried, and were a little crumbly (my sausage broke in half as I transferred it to the bun)  but the texture and flavour was really great. The texture wasn’t spongy and instead felt a bit more crumbly, similar to the sausage we ate in Manchester that tasted a lot like stuffing pressed into a sausage shape (SO GOOD). The flavour and chewability (is that a thing???) were excellent! Even J loved these ones, and he’s a dedicated meat eater haha.



Next up is Tofurkey: I’ve had these sausages in the past and really enjoyed them. They are the right size the fit into a traditional hot dog bun, and the cajun flavouring is excellent. The texture was good and not too rubbery, though the package indicates they should not be overcooked so I imagine they can get pretty tough if you aren’t paying attention haha. These dogs I had in a soft bun with chopped iceberg lettuce, vegenaise, ketchup and the cherry tomato salsa we made last year. They don’t look very pretty but they tasted great!!


The next vegan sausage I tried was a new brand at the grocery store, Gusta Artisanal German flavoured Vegan Wheat Sausage with smoked onions. They are a bit shorter than the standard buns we had (they are probably meant to be dinner sausages, rather than hot dogs), but when you finally did reach it the taste is really good. The texture is alright, not too rubbery or chewy. I haven’t had a real hot dog in about 20 years and I’ve never eaten a sausage that I remember, but this one tastes pretty close to the real thing to me! These ones I ate with red onion, vegenaise, ketchup and peach salsa from last year. Pretty delicious!



The winner for this one is pretty tight as all three vegan sausages were very tasty, but I’m gonna go with the Field Roast brand for the size, texture and flavours! All three brands are really excellent though if you are looking for delicious cruelty free sausage.

Winner: Field Roast!



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