IKEA Hack: Light Box

I have been photographing my tarot cards and other products for use on social media and the upcoming website, but my current set up just wasn’t cutting it. I looked up a simple DIY light box online so I could have a better system for staging and taking product photos, and the tutorial called for a cardboard box, tape, white fabric, 2 lamps, and some poster board for the inside. I searched my house for a cardboard box that was the right size but couldn’t find anything… until I looked a bit closer at my old coffee table.

I had bought a set of  Vittsjo nesting coffee tables quite a while back, but after all the shifting around in the studio it didn’t really have a spot to live and I was about to get rid of it. I realized when I looked at it that it was perfect for the light box frame, and way more durable than cardboard. So here’s a simple DIY (IKEA hack) Light Box!


^ Here’s how I clipped the lights on to the shelf above.


I started with just the larger square portion of the table and trimmed a white sheet to make two fabric squares that would cover the sides. I then used masking tape to secure it onto the two sides of the metal frame then set up the frame sandwiched between two clip on lights mounted on the shelf. I then trimmed a white poster board to fit inside the frame with the edge taped onto the wall at the back giving me a seamless white background to stage the products.

You can see the fabric sides in the frame below, and the way I have taped the poster board to the wall behind to create a smooth background.


Simply use a couple of bright white light bulbs and you’re good to go! The cool thing about this setup is the top of the table is glass, so I can just rest my phone on the glass and then set up the shot perfectly before I take the photo. I can also reach into the frame and make adjustments without having to set up the shot again. So easy!



It sure makes the photos easier to take, and the look of the photos is soooo much better! Give it a try! 🙂



  1. brilliant! I also like that Junipurrr supervised! While at college I made a light table out of a Lite Bright base and a glass coffee table – good old Canadian ingenuity! I like your set up much better.

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