Beauty: Petit Vour June Box


Wooooo it’s Petit Vour beauty box time again! This one caught me by surprise, I feel like I just got my May box in the mail. Well, here we have it, another beautiful box of cruelty free goodies. 


I’ve been on a real stark white kick lately, so the colours this month have made me really happy. It was fun to photograph it in my new light box too! 

Included in the June box are some nice things for your face; first we have a Lip Creme Tint ($20) from Modern Minerals in a cute little round container (it looks like an upside-down Poke ball!) that smells and tastes amazing. I love how small and portable it is too. At $20 I’m not sure if I would buy another one but it is a wonderful addition to the June box. 

Next up we have Mai Couture with their Skincare Blotting Paper ($10). First off I love the packaging, and there are a pretty decent number of papers in the little booklet which is awesome. I really enjoyed the blush papers in the December box so I’m looking forward to trying another of their products. 


Next up we have Niu Body’s Coconut Oil Makeup Remover Wipes ($4). These wipes are scented with geranium and lavender, very soothing. I love wipes like this, they are so easy to use. Lastly this month on the card we have Bloom 23 Perfume ($2.50) from My Daughter Fragrances, though my box contained a sample of Odacite Skincare’s Po+R Hydration formula with pomegranate and rose geranium. I liked the Green Tea + Lemongrass scent I got in the September box, and this one smells great as well! I wish the samples were a bit bigger, but a little goes a long way. You can either apply a few drops directly to the skin for an intensive treatment, or blend a few drops into your moisturizer to give it a boost. The range of serums available from Odacite is amazing! They have one for every type of skin from oily to sensitive. 


I really need to get caught up on trying out all these amazing products, I’ve gathered quite a stockpile. I can’t quit this box though, it’s too good! 💞


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