Losing a Friend


This past weekend there was a very tragic accident here on Gabriola and a beautiful soul was taken from us. My friend Sera was riding their bicycle home from work when they crashed at the ferry terminal in Descanso Bay and did not survive. Words cannot describe how shocked and deeply saddened we all are to have this happen. Sera was an extraordinarily unique being that remained positive in the face of all their recent hardships, and had finally moved back to Gabriola after struggling to find suitable housing for many months. The day before the accident they were posting 70’s decor inspo on their IG, excited to be decorating their new home, and now they will never post anything new. Sera was just 25.

The timing of this accident is cruel and crushing for all of us, and I am really having a hard time processing this in conjunction with all the other traumas I have suffered in the past 8 months. Sera called Gabriola their sanctuary, their island. If we can take any solace from this terrible accident, at least we know that Sera’s heart and soul are now resting where they most wanted to be. It’s not nearly enough, but I’m trying really hard to find the light in this. The last words Sera said to me, 2 days before their death, were “I miss you” and I don’t think I will ever get over that.

My queued posts have run out and I will be taking a step back from this blog and other social media while we all heal as a community, but if I have learned anything from this it is that I need to treasure my friends and make serious efforts to get out of my house and make human connections. Being reclusive during my mental health leave from work meant that I missed all of Sera’s final days and it’s hard to forgive myself for that right now. I’m not ok with any of this.


Sera was truly beautiful inside and out and we should never forget that. Below is the article from our newspaper, written before permission to release the name was given (trigger warning for graphic content.) It would appear that they succumbed quickly and I hope without much pain or suffering; that’s all anyone can really hope for when it comes time to leave this place. It was quite obviously way, way too soon though. I wish the article never needed to be written, but I think Sera would be pleased to see it is completely genderless, at least. Rest in peace bb. I love you always and will miss you forever.



    • Thank you, it has been so, so hard. The timing was so unfair for Sera (and less importantly for me because at least I’m still alive, but for me also it was terrible timing.) I’m just crushed.

      • I can’t imagine what you’re going through. But you are important, too, so take care of yourself. Make sure to have people around you. We’re here for support too. Whenever you need.

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