New Products Available Soon


The market is in full swing and we’ve refined the items we have available for the upcoming weeks. The first batch of items that were available as of last weekend are Lime + Eucalyptus Deodorant, Anti-Anxiety Smoke Blend (sold out!), Beet + Hibiscus Blush (sold out!), Liquid Highlighter (sold out!), Cardamom + Tangerine Hair Repair Oil, and Healing Calendula Salve. We have a supply order on the way which will allow for new soy candles, beet blush, and liquid highlighter. When our next sticker order arrives we will have Whipped Coconut Moisturizer, Lemon Balm Lip Bomb, Black Diamond Lip Scrub, and a few other goodies ready for the market. Woo!

Online listings (Etsy shop here) have been deactivated while we take some new photos, they’ll be back up soon 🙂

Here are some of the new shots:


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