Moon Box: Full Moon in Capricorn


The full moon was last Saturday/Sunday and that means I have another Moon Box to unpack. This month’s haul was pretty great as usual and included the standard tea blend (this month’s blend is chamomile, mugwort, hyssop, fennel, red root, and eleuthero root) and perfume roller (neroli, lemon balm, wild orange, grapefruit, Bulgarian rose, white sage, and dalmatian sage), along with a bar of Positivity Soap from Frequency, and a really adorable little New Moon Journal for the upcoming new moon in Leo. Love it!


The crystals this month are tangerine quartz, tumbled agate geode, and pyrite cluster. I love the quartz, the tangerine tint is really pretty.

The full moon in Capricorn last weekend was also known as the Thunder Moon, and the thunder graphics on the cards this month are beautiful! The meaning behind this moon resonates pretty strongly for me, with it being about accepting yourself and experiencing everything now as it is meant to be experienced. Allow the feelings to roll through you like thunder and emerge recharged and fresh. It’s also about making big shifts in direction with regards to work, and about projects finally coming to fruition. All very timely!


I’m very excited to use this little journal, it’s a great size and I love the simplicity of the design. If you want to get a MoonBox of your own check it out on the Gaia Collective website.


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