Splitting Lungwort


A few months ago, when our single lungwort was flowering, we decided we wanted more so we could fill a planter with them. The garden centre we got the plant from initially did not have any in stock and did not think they would be getting any in this year. We didn’t want to wait for seed starters (and we’d have to order the seeds, I think), so we decided to gamble with our existing plant and split it into pieces. At first the transplants looked pretty sad and limp, but it wasn’t long before they started growing along happily, and we didn’t lose any of them! Woo woo.


^ After the initial splitting and transplanting (May of this year) they looked pretty scrappy. But they’ve certainly perked up in this semi-shaded planter, and the loveage have grown considerably!



^ New growth started not long after and I trimmed away the limp leaves so the plant could start fresh.



This was definitely an easy plant to transplant. It doesn’t require much energy from us and seems to be happy on the shaded side of the yard where we have had a hard time growing much else. Lungwort is good for the lungs and can help people with respiratory issues like asthma, via smoking or tea blends. I’m looking forward to getting enough of this going that I can add it to the smoke blend and also make it into loose leaf tea. If it’s this easy to split then I could probably make it multiply quite quickly. Gardening is so fun!


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