Harvesting: Rhubarb


A few years ago we got a couple of rhubarb plants and the first season they did well, but last year they did absolutely nothing apart from send up a few weak stems that immediately withered. We weren’t sure why they died back, but we assumed they were toast and pulled out the root balls to make way for new plants. J tossed the roots down behind the tool shed and we promptly forgot about them.

In the spring I was surprised to find that both the root balls had continued growing on the surface of the dirt and had grown some major leaves in the total shade of the shed. Plants are so resilient! We brought them up and planted them under the hops where they would get dappled sunlight and have lots of space. They immediately grew huge and happy, and we harvested a few of the stems with plenty left over to keep growing.


^ As you can see, the growth was pretty big!



^ Another before and after of our surprise rhubarb ❤




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