Growing Bear’s Breeches (Acanthus)


There is a large beautiful plant growing at the garden centre by our house which we learned is called Bear’s Breeches. J really liked the plant and asked one of the staff there about seeds when it comes time, which they kindly collected and saved for us. I also spotted a Bear’s Breeches plant in a sidewalk-side garden in Horseshoe Bay, and watched for it to go to seed so I could collect some. Between both the seed sources we got a whole tray sprouted and finally large enough to go into the ground. They were an easy plant to germinate in some soft soil under our little grow light back in early spring. The leaves were sturdy right away and all seedlings grew perfectly into starters which is very exciting!





We kept the seedlings indoors and under the grow light until they were large enough to transplant into bigger pots. We then kept the pots inside for a bit longer before moving the plants outside. They have been pretty hardy and are growing steadily. Look at us go!



J is treasuring these little plants so he has put them into several different locations in the garden just in case one spot doesn’t work out, then we won’t lose all at once. They may not flower for several years yet (they send up a really stunning tall spike of purple and white blossoms) but at least they are in place and getting established. More updates to come on these guys as they grow.




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