Beauty: Petit Vour July Box


Hi! Hello! I’m still here. It’s been a minute, but I’m hoping to get back into posting again very soon. This post is way overdue; the July box from Petit Vour! This box was a really great one, and contained not 4 items as normal but 5! I actually didn’t even realize there was a fifth until I looked at the card and saw that there was an ADORN Mineral Finish Powder on the list but I hadn’t unpacked with the other items. I checked the box again and hidden in the paper was the little sample.


Included this month was an OSEA Sea Minerals Mist (1 fl. oz $16) which I was excited to see because I really liked the OSEA Ocean Cleanser from one of the previous boxes. The branding from this company is really nice, and I love that they have glass bottles for their product instead of plastic. It just feels so much nicer in your hand, and like they have really focused on making their packaging a high quality. Glass bottles can also be reused, whereas plastic just feels like an into-the-recycle kind of thing. Packaging that can be used long term is always a plus because garbage is gross.


Next up we have a Sugar + Salt Body Scrub (2 oz $4) in Coconut from Zabana Essentials. I used it right away and thought it was great! The Sage and Blood Orange scent looks amazing. The Juniper soap from TAY (1.9 oz $4) smells incredible, I can never find juniper scented products but I looove them. I also love that it says TAY right across the bar, which is my work nickname. It’s like it’s been customized for me haha. Also in the box was a La Balmba Rosa Healing Rose Balm from R.L. Linden & Co ($9) that smells excellent. I hope it can avoid the fate of so many of my other lip balm tubes; death by dryer.


Finally, we have the item I almost missed; Mineral Finish Powder by ADORN. I also tried this out right away and found it worked quite well. The powder is very very fine, so it leaves your face smooth but not chalky. Thumbs up! Overall another excellent box from Petit Vour.


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