Moon Box: Full Moon in Aquarius (Lunar Eclipse)


Waaaay back on August 7th we had the full moon in Aquarius and also a partial lunar eclipse. This moon is also known as the Red or Sturgeon moon due to the red tone seen as the shadow passes partially over the moon’s surface, and the plentiful supply of sturgeon available to fishermen in the Great Lakes during the month of August, respectively. This month’s Moon Box from Gaia Collective is packed with great items, as always!


The tea blend by Fruit to the Roots this month is made with red sandalwood, damiana, anise star, kola nut, goji berry, ashwangandha, with lobelia flowers. The perfume roller this month has cedarwood, lavenders (french + english), mugwort, vanilla, and palo santo. Also included is a super cute soy candle from Lilac & Willow, and a White Sage Smudge Spray by From Molly With Love.


The crystals this month were huge! There was carnelian, halite (Himalayan or pink rock salt), and a third white crystal that doesn’t seem to be named on the card this month, but it looks like a chunk of quartz.

Great collection of items from Gaia Collective!


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