Harvesting: Hops


Woo! This is the second year we have grown hops but the first year we have had a successful harvest. And we ended up with a pretty decent amount!


We likely won’t be using them for beer, but I am looking forward to trying some in tea. Hops are ready to harvest when the “flowers” feel dry and papery, sometime in early September. The lapulin should also be visible under the petals, it’s a yellow dusty substance that indicates the hops are ready to pick. If they still give off a grassy or vegetal smell they aren’t quite ready yet. 


We laid the hops out on the screens from the dehydrator and let them air dry before sealing them into a plastic bag. Once they are dry you want to expose them to as little oxygen as possible to keep them fresh. 



^ you can see the lapulin on these hops, it’s the yellow stuff!

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