I’m Back!

I’m back! It’s been a long, strange summer with lots of changes around here. Actually, it felt like my life went kablooie for a while there… my mental health forced me out of work in June, which was unexpected and fairly massive. I started to focus on The Fox Tarot as my full time gig, which has been really fun so far though it still has a long way to go. Then, because I didn’t have enough going on, in July we disocovered we were pregnant! Surprise! 😜

So I’ve been off work and laying low these past few months. And neglecting my blog! I am happy to be back at it, though I will be making some changes to keep my work load down. To start I am going to switch from desktop WordPress to using only my phone to format photos as well as write and publish posts. I don’t think anyone will notice the change but it will make a big difference in the time I spend blogging. 

I have also recently reverted to a vegetarian diet so, while I will still be eating and posting lots of plant-based meals, I will also be adding more vegetarian recipes to the blog that may include dairy. Aaaand because I am also now a pregnant lady I will be focusing on vegetarian proteins and other vitamins needed for pre-natal care (though protein and vitamins are important to everyone else too!)

There’s probably also going to be baby stuff too, haha. 

You can also expect lots of house and yard updates as we now have just 6 months left to get our works-in-progress wrapped up and start on some baby-proofing. 

It’s nice to be back! 🖤


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