Moon Box: Full Moon in Aries

October 5th brought us the full moon in Aries. The Aries Moon is an excellent time to reflect on what may be holding us back in life, wether it be pain, anger, frustration or any other firey emotions that can come up at this time. 

The Moon Box from Gaia Collective this month was fantastic, as usual! 

The crystals this month included a large piece of black kyanite along with smaller bits of optical calcite and amazonite. I love the kyanite, the shape of the formation is super interesting. I may not personally believe that certain crystals can bring healing or energies to the carrier, but I do appreciate them as something that Mother Earth has created, and am often surprised by the beauty they hold. The planet made these crystals! 🖤

Also included this month was a lovely Moon Stone candle from JaxKelly which I burned down immediately to get the stone at the bottom (I’m a fiend). The second item was a Moon Ritual Detox Mask from the Ritual that I’m really looking forward to trying out. The tea blend and roll on perfume were both great scents this month as well. 

I’m really loving that when this box arrives I am encouraged to take an evening to myself and practice self care. I can light the candle, brew the tea, have a bath and use the face mask/beauty item, and breathe in the smell of the perfume roller and really relax. The different moon signs bring different thoughts and emotions to focus on and it’s a great way to process things that may be going on in your life. I definitely recommended taking a look at the Gaia Collective website and considering a subscription! 🖤

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