Goodbye Orange Kitchen

We recently removed the wood stove from downstairs, and now we are getting ready to remove another dated element of the house; the day-glow orange kitchen! 

I’ve never been a big fan of this kitchen, and not necessarily because of the colour but because the functionality of the cabinets is pretty limited. The drawers are clunky and hard to open (the top drawers often catch under the lip of the countertop and I end up breaking my fingernails trying to access the cutlery), the cabinets are difficult to keep organized and things end up buried at the back, and the doors don’t stay closed. 

The sink and faucet have also seen better days; there is mold growing under the edges of the sink and the faucet has eroded enough that when you turn it on you often get blasted in the face with water coming out from under the handle. There is no wall tile either, which makes it hard to clean up grease splashes. The list of issues really just goes on and on, despite the cabinets themselves being of super sturdy construction. It just needs an update! 

Now that there’s a baby on the way we really want to push to get the house ready for tiny curious hands, and that includes a cleaner, safer kitchen. So GOODBYE orange cabinets! Goodbye ugly laminate countertops! Goodbye gross beige floor tile with giant grout lines! 

We have a modest budget to work with (huge thanks Mom!) and went with a simple layout of Ikea cabinets. I used their online kitchen planner to select the cabinets we needed, and now that we have an Ikea delivery warehouse in Nanaimo the whole thing could be delivered for just $79! We picked up the 76 boxes + bought some floor tile and now we start the fun part: demo the old kitchen and build all the bits ourselves! 

This is still a work in progress, but here is a sneak peek of what it will look like 😍 


  1. wow! what an incredible difference! I applaud you both on the vision and the hard physical work needed to pull this off! This will be a wonderful kitchen to work in now – and look at all the wonderful storage drawers! woo hoo!!

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