Bunny Castle 2.0

Over the summer we finished the majority of the new rabbit housing, Bunny Castle 2.0! Here are some shots of what J created for me and the buns – isn’t he amazing?! There’s a bit of snagging left to do (window trim, gutter, finishing around doors) but the bunnies have moved in and are loving it. 

^ Tonks and Lupin enjoying some fresh raspberries in their new house. 

We matched the siding to the house so it would look integrated with the sun room addition. We are pretty happy with how it turned out!

Now the bunnies in the original bunny castle have more space to stretch their legs! We have also gotten a box of new laminate tiles to swap out for the old ones as they’ve started to get a bit grimy. Leela doesn’t seem to care though 🖤

One comment

  1. wow bunny castle indeed!! everything looks so well integrated – complete with greenery! well done Justin!
    I’m sure the bunnies are high fiving their little paws!

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