Aloe Vera Takeover

A few years ago my mom bought me a sad looking aloe plant from GIRO for $2. I’ve been steadily repotting it and have watched it put on some major growth since I first brought it home. I’ve never had this much success with an aloe before! 

They all have new sprouts on them, even the largest one and the small dining table aloe I repotted into a way larger pot to see if it would expand. It really has! Below is a before and after of the sprout taken a couple weeks apart. 

In fact, all 4 of the aloes I have had since moving here to Gabriola are doing really well! So well that I was gifted another by a friend so I could work my magic 💚 I love these plants, they are so easy to care for and they really like the light in our south facing sunroom. 

^ new baby! 

A few of my other succulents living in the sunroom are getting big as well. I’m going to need a new pot for the echeveria pretty soon!


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