Closet Storage Upgrade

We needed to carve a space in the bedroom for our impending crib purchase, and the perfect corner was currently holding a rolling clothes rack for closet overflow. To get rid of the rack we needed to upgrade our closet to a double rail system to make space for my extra stuff, and we decided to go with the same idea as our entry closet and bought some metal piping to make the frame. 

We love these pipes! They are super sturdy, fairly inexpensive, and will last a long time unlike some closet systems made of metal racks and particle board that I have come across. The dual rack gives us each more hang space, and the central piece allows for longer items to hang without anything in the way (and also out of reach of the animals, the hem of my wedding dress is soaked in pee 😭) The lack of shelving prevents us from cramming unwanted items and other clutter up there, which is also a plus. 

Goodbye rolling rack! 

We are pretty happy with the results. Lots of space and nothing hiding in the back! 

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