The Week in Books #14

It’s Sunday again! I managed to get through a couple books this week, the first being The Witches of New York by Ami McKay. This is a great historical fiction with a touch of magic and some very likeable characters. I read this one quickly and really enjoyed it, especially all the ghosts and witchcraft haha. I haven’t been reading very much fiction so it’s nice to get back into that a bit. 

Next up I absolutely plowed through  Rupi Kaur’s most recent collection of poetry The Sun and her Flowers. Seriously, these poems are incredible. Rupi writes a series of pieces over the course of a year where she had a lot to deal with and a lot of emotion. I love that it was broken into parts, and they are presented in the most perfect order. I needed this collection!!

I also started and am about half way through Kristin Hersh’s memoir Rat Girl. Kristin writes beautifully about a difficult year in her life (See a theme developing here? Ha) in which she was diagnosed as bipolar and also discovered she was pregnant. I actually bought this book a long time ago and didn’t even realize what it was about at the time (I think I was attracted to the cover). Turns out it’s super relevant! Very eloquent and poetic, she creates little snap shots of life between the chapters that I’m really enjoying. Kristin was in Throwing Muses in the 80s-90s.

I’ve got a good pile of stuff to get to, more next week! 🖤

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