Moon Box: Full Moon in Taurus

Another month, another full moon! The frost moon (also known as the beaver moon) fell on Saturday November 4th. The Moon Box from Gaia Collective was lovely this month! 

The items this month include a duo of lip balms from Thistle and a grounding essential oil blend from Frequency, plus the usual lovely tea blend and aroma roller included every month. 

The crystals this month include amethyst  druzy, bloodstone, and garnet. I love the colour scheme of the stones this month (I have so many amethyst clusters now, good thing it’s my birthstone). The card design is beautiful as always!! I use lip balm every day and also have a diffuser in the bedroom so the self care items this month will be used well. I love the scent of the oil as well, it reminds me of a nice cologne I bought once and will never be able to afford again haha. Maybe I can just make my own 🖤

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