Fox on an Island for the Holidays!

Whoooosh ok the holiday season is fast approaching and we’ve been very busy around here preparing for the winter markets. J has made new batches of everything and I’ve been busy putting together labels and ordering all the supplies that make this possible.

The first of 6 (!!) craft fairs I will be working this season took place on November 18th at the Rollo + Commons here on Gabriola and it was super busy!! HUGE thank you to everyone that came out and supported our little business! This year has been rocky and these markets are keeping me afloat at the moment, so it’s great to see everyone enjoying the products and sharing them on social media.

I’ve also been busy updating the Etsy shop AND the website, and am pleased to say that everything we have readied for the markets has also been listed online so if you aren’t local you can still stock up on self care items along with the tarot deck and other goodies. Here is the Etsy Shop, and here is the new website shop!

If you want to come by my table in person this season, take a peek at the list of markets I will be working right here!

I have ALSO taken all new photos of everything, check out some of our products right here:


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