Preparing for Baby

Things are getting real! We had our 19 week ultrasound on Monday and Baby is healthy. We also learned that we are having a girl! She’s got all the right number of limbs and toes and fingers, and was wiggling around like crazy in there. The ultrasound tech had to keep chasing her for photos that weren’t blurry. She was lounging with an arm behind her head and even sucked her thumb for a few seconds. It’s wild to think that all this is happening inside my guts as I type this. Here’s her face, and her little foot!

We are both absolutely over the moon. 🌝🌝🌝

We’ve already been getting ready for baby’s arrival, and now that she has an identity and a face we are picking up steam. I’ve been collecting new books to go with the stack of childhood books I have already, including these beautiful books from Medicine Wheel Education:

I’ve also collected a bunch of Dr. Seuss books from the GIRO for $1 each which I am excited about.

Everything else has been collected for free through the awesome family resources here on Gabriola. The Hope Centre collects donations from families that have outgrown their baby things and passes them on to others for free which is AMAZING. We have gotten a musical swing, light up play mat, bath seat, and pack and play at no cost, as well as a crib and change table for $7.50 each from the GIRO, plus a free mattress from a friend. The baby’s room is taking shape! We are so fortunate to have such a generous community here on the island, it will be a great place to raise baby. PLUS there is a baby boom happening right now with at least 7 other pregnant ladies in my social circle! Wooooo 🖤


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