Tree Chopping

It’s been busy around here! Market season has wrapped up and it was bonkers, so for the rest of the year we will just be relaxing. One of the things we did manage to get done over the last month that wasn’t market related was remove the maple tree outside the bedroom that was casting shade (and dropping lots of leaves) on the garden. To maximize light to our planters and eliminate any risk of branches or the whole tree falling on the house J had it taken down. Ultimately J wants to build a patio/deck here which will be really nice!

It has been pretty foggy and snowy here, but once it gets brighter I can take some better photos of the yard sans tree. The cutters did a great job and didn’t smush any plants or the fence, which was probably challenging. J split all the wood and now we have a stack to dry out for next year or sell to offset the cost of the removal. I can’t wait for the spring already haha

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