The House at the Start of 2018

This December marks our 4th complete year at the house. Time flies so fast! When we bought the house we knew it was too big, but thought it would be better to buy something we could grow into in case we decided to start a family. This year we did just that, and it’s exciting for us to be able to set up a room for baby without having to stretch too far. Having to start house hunting for something larger is the last thing we want to do, I literally never want to move house again haha.

We got quite a lot done this year, including a long awaited major remodel of the kitchen cabinets and floor, and have started on a few projects for next year including the installation of a heat pump, building a dividing wall in the great room downstairs, and finishing the kitchen (wall tiles, new bench) before we can tackle the upstairs bathroom. We also converted the guest room into a kids room which was an unexpected change!

Here are some shots taken around the house to show where we have gotten ourselves to on the first day of 2018. Here’s to another year of DIY and home improvements


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