Dividing the Basement

We have at last started to divide the great room in the basement into two separate rooms in an effort to get more use out of the space. As an open concept room it has been hard to find a purpose for this area of the house as it is hard to place furniture in a way that feels comfortable, and really we don’t need this much “common space” as the same footprint of the upstairs is living/dining and we’d prefer to spend time up there.

It would be fairly easy to make these two rooms an additional two bedrooms (making this a 4 bedroom house) but we don’t need to do that anytime soon, so it will become his-and-hers flex rooms. Mine is the studio we began setting up already, and J will have the second room that has access to the laundry room and the side door to the yard for his instruments and other things. We are pretty stoked on this idea!

Thankfully framing the wall in here was cheap and easy, and J knocked it out by himself in a couple days. This move also enclosed the open side of the staircase that had no railing and wasn’t very kid-friendly. Because that’s a consideration we will have to face soon we decided to wall it off for safety. J is also bracing the stairs as they are really bouncy… when the animals walk up and down it literally shakes the floor of the dining area ๐Ÿ˜‚ Hopefully the new wall makes things a bit stronger as well. Here’s the progress for now:


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