Bark Box #1


It’s a new year and Bark Box was advertising a $5 starter box for new subscribers, and seeing as I spend money on dog treats and toys all the time anyways I thought I would give this subscription service a try for Suze and Ozzy.

The first box arrived recently and was a big hit with the doggos! I liked that when subscribing you can select the size of yours dogs as Suze and Ozzy are both pretty little and Oz especially has trouble chewing large toys (he can’t fit a tennis ball in his mouth, but when I brought home a bag of mini tennis balls I discovered how much he loooooves them). The toys this month also all had squeakers which he is excited about!


The theme was New York (Check it out here) and included in the Box was a ball that looked like the Statue of Liberty, as well as a takeout box with three little plush dumplings inside. There was a also a deer chew that didn’t even last long enough to be in the photo, and two bags of treats, one New York pretzel and the other steak.

The dogs absolutely loved having a mail day for themselves and the toys have been getting a lot of action! Looking forward to Box #2!


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