Knitting: Animal Hats and Baby Socks

KNITTING. This is a thing I have found time for again after a long hiatus and I’m really happy about it. Plus, baby items are super quick to whip up which makes it even more appealing; I feel so accomplished! I’ve been working on my mastery of this baby sock pattern from Purl Soho and have made 4.5 pairs as of today. It’s so fast and pretty straightforward, plus it’s fun to use up all the little bits of yarn I have left.

I also couldn’t resist this super cute animal bonnet knitting pattern from Wiksten and have already knit two of them. It’s an easy pattern and doesn’t require much yarn to complete, and it’s soooooo adorable. Definitely worth it!


^ The 100% cotton animal bonnet I made as modeled by the doll my mom made for me when I was a baby (and hanging with the crochet monkey I made a few years ago as well!)

Can’t wait to put these socks on these little feet!!

I’ve also started up a little sweater with button neck, a pattern that I’m just making up as I go using a ball of peacock coloured yarn I picked up at VV. More on that when it’s completed 🖤

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