Beauty: Petit Vour December Box

The December Box from Petit Vour has landed! This is the final box of 2017 and also my final box for a while as I have stopped my subscription. I’m sad to say goodbye to this awesome cruelty free beauty box, but the cancellation was inevitable as I am technically “fun”employed and we also have a baby on the way that will probably require some kind of budget in itself, haha. All my excess subscriptions, including Petit Vour and the lovely Moon Box, have been chopped from the budget. So here’s to the final box I will receive, and it looks like a real gooder!

This months Box has 5 items in it once again, and a few of them are things I really needed! First we have the Phyto-Pigments Ultra-Natural Mascara from Juice Beauty ($10, full size $22). I’ve been putting off buying a new mascara (see above paragraph about being a broke-ass) so this arrived at the perfect time. This mascara is light and thin, and doesn’t leave any clumps. I don’t like it quite as much as the Lily Lolo one I got a while back, but it is a nice product that leaves you with darkened lashes that look natural.

Another item I’m really excited about is the Full Brow Serum from Province Apothecary ($16, Full size $36) I certainly hope the future IS full brows because I am face bald and microblading is expensive as shizz. I’m a little skeptical about the effect natural oil may have on eyebrow growth (I literally have like 10 hairs in each of my brows), but I can’t knock it until I try it I suppose.

Also included in the box this month is a lovely Lip Whip from True Moringa ($16) in “Truth”, a lovely magenta colour that goes on sheer and light. I love this stuff already! Items I haven’t tried yet are the Synergie Immediate Skin Perfecting Beauty Masque ($6) – I seriously can’t find 15 minutes to do a facial routine haha. A full size of this product is $59 so I will probably not be making an investment in it, but I am curious to see how it makes my sensitive face skin feel. Finally, we have Golden Hour face cream from Ursa Major ($6, full size $48). I’ve never bothered with face creams because time and money, but I like the look of this one. It goes on lightly and smells nice, and I really like the branding (great use of fonts!)

Well that’s it for me and Petit Vour until I become independently wealthy or win the lottery, which I’m crossing my fingers will be soon. If you want to try these products check out the website here! I have loved getting this box every month and sharing it here on the blog. Cruelty free beauty doesn’t have to mean compromise in quality, as Petit Vour has proven time and time again by delivering excellent samples from animal-minded companies. I definitely recommend subscribing as a treat to yourself for the new year!

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