$40 Kitchen Bench Upgrade

Ah, the kitchen bench. We have remade this thing a couple times now, but since we redid the floor tile recently we ended up making an all new one and it is by far my favourite incarnation of this seat!

This is what our kitchen looked like when we first built the bench and here it is after our rainy day upgrade:

I’m pretty pleased with the new look, and also the fact that it only cost us $40 to put together. And we did it in just a few hours which is also awesome!

To do this bench J reused some old bookshelf lumber to build a frame and some support legs. This time we decided to enclose the bench and cut off the baseboard heater under the window as we won’t need it now with our heat pump having been installed. Enclosing the front makes it look a lot cleaner and also means we don’t have to sweep underneath it. J utilized a leftover piece of the Ikea countertop to make a spot in the corner to house the dehydrator and buy us back some counter space. He also used scrap board to close the top of the bench, and some remaining black stain to coat it all.

I made the cushion for it which turned out way better than I anticipated and only took about 15 minutes to do. I had a stroke of genius and repurposed the old memory foam pad from the guest bed into the cushion and one of our old drapes for the cover. I just measured the bench then cut the foam to fit, then stitched a really simple cover by folding the drape in half and stitching the 3 sides closed. Because the upholstery was so hard to clean on the grey bench I also added a zipper so the cover can be removed and washed.

The only materials we needed to purchase were the two pine boards that covered the front, and that’s where the $40 was spent. We are super excited with how quickly this came together and how much we were able to reuse from our existing items. I’m sooo happy with it, and it completed the last area of the kitchen we needed to do, leaving us with just the wall tile to install for our renovation. Woo!

Here’s a before and after. Our kitchen has evolved so much!

And now Hans has his observation post back! Juniper also approves šŸ–¤


  1. I am constantly amazed at the creative solutions you both come up with! great ideas and then the skill to accomplish them – kudos!!
    Nice that the cats like the addition too – hahhah

  2. Looks fantastic! Wondering how you’re feeling about your dark floors. Friends have told me not to do it because dirt/crumbs show way more. True? You’d think black would hide dirt. Lol. Congrats on the kitchen (and the new little one on the way). šŸ™‚

    • Dark floors definitely show the dirt more! Especially when the tile is a solid colour/has no pattern to disguise the crumbs. It kind of motivates us to clean it more often though haha

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