Yard Phase 2 is Go

When we first bought our property the yard was pretty raw, including some low maintenance and well established juniper bushes and lots of muddy grass. Due to the size of the yard a complete revamp all at once was totally out of the question, so we decided instead to break the yard down into sections and work them one at a time. In the last 4 years J has transformed the upper level area outside the basement into a pretty incredible completely fenced space of raised planters with gravel pathways and tons of established plants.

Now that it is pretty much complete for now, we can move on to phase two, the side of the driveway and orchard. Wooo!

We have a privacy fence planned for the side of the driveway to cover the view into our kitchen from the road, as well as some stairs to make walking down the side of the house safer and easier. J also painstakingly removed all the overgrowth and invasive groundcover from the embankment behind the apple trees and we will be able to plant taller shrubs without them being choked out. So far we have begun the stairs with some 4x4s we had originally earmarked for the fence, and now this area is officially underway. Can’t wait to see what we can get growing on this side!

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