Bark Box #2

It’s Bark Box time! January’s box finally arrived after a long delay (we thought it was lost!) and Ozzy and Suze loved it once again.

This months theme was medieval, which I thought was SUPER CUTE – omg the plush mace! – and the treats went over really well. It arrived at the end of a day of car errands in Nanaimo so the doggos were really excited for a treat. There was a lot of squeaking in the house for the evening.

Suzie loves the little squeaky/crinkle dragon, and they both took turns with the mace which has a squeaker in both the ball and handle parts. It took a while to get a good photo of Ozzy with it because he just kept moving around in excitement and blurring all the shots haha.

It’s nice to see the little boogers, Ozzy especially, playing with toys. Oz was so nervous and wary of treats and toys when we got him, and it had taken a couple years of stability but he is finally coming out of his shell. Bark Box has definitely been worth it so far just to see how excited he gets about toys and treats that are just for him! 🖤

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