Back to Baking: Breakfast Cake

It’s been ages since I’ve had the motivation to do any baking, but now that the kitchen is semi-finished the renovation it’s actually a really great space that deserves some quality use! We’ve also been neglecting the kitchen aid mixer we bought a while ago which is a shame. This morning J gave me a recipe for breakfast cake from Alexandra Cooks and I went for it.

This is a quick and simple recipe that was a slam dunk to make in the stand mixer. J wanted to utilize the frozen blackberries we stashed last summer so instead of blueberries mixed through the batter I sprinkled a layer of defrosted (and juicy!) berries on the surface of the batter after I spread it into the greased pan. If I had tried to fold them into the batter I think they would have disintegrated and coloured the cake purple so that’s why I went with a surface layer, and it worked beautifully.

Somehow I think this is one of the first times I have used the stand mixer (I like the control of a hand mixer) but it was really great. It was easy to wipe the sides down with a spatula and the batter got super fluffy. And all I had to do was stand there which is a bonus because I have like, zero energy (full disclosure: I had to nap after baking this cake hahaha).

After spreading the blackberries on the top of the batter I sprinkled a tablespoon of white sugar over the whole thing and baked it for about 45 minutes, until a toothpick came out clean. In the future I would probably sub the white sugar for brown sugar mixed with margarine and crumbled over top, but I love any kind of sugar so both are great options. The cake rose beautifully and was perfectly browned on the bottom. I haven’t forgotten how to bake after all!

The best part of baking in the new kitchen is being able to put everything in the dishwasher when I’m done rather than having to wash everything by hand!! This is totally first world problems, but having to scrub all my dishes after baking sure was a drag after already spending a lot of time doing the actual baking. Having a clean kitchen seriously reduces my anxiety and the dishwasher gets things way cleaner anyways. LOVE having this thing up and running, finally!!

I definitely recommend this recipe, the cake is moist and delicious without being too terribly sweet. Perfect for breakfast!


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