Yard Clearing

The sun is finally here, and that means it’s time to garden! Over the last few seasons our focus has been on the area inside the fence directly surrounding the house, and as a result the other parts of the yard have been a little neglected. Last year in particular we noticed how overgrown the established landscaping had become, particularly with large tangles of blackberry taking over the juniper and holly bush. Trying to clear it out around the established plants was too tricky as they had become very dense (the juniper in particular, plus its scratchy!) so J decided to just clear it away entirely and start fresh. The holly bush remains because it is such a great focal point and will look pretty cool once we are able to shape it neatly, and now we have space for some terraced full sun planters for new plants in the future.

J is a machine and removed all this stuff by hand in just 2 days and burned all the debris so the yard is nice and tidy now. What a difference!

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