Pregnancy: The Third Trimester

30 Weeks:

These photos were taken by the wonderful ladies at Nomad by NK and I’m soooo thrilled at how they turned out! They were taken at my father’s house in Belcarra on the day I turned 30 Weeks. They sure know how to make a pregnant woman feel good about herself. Not pictured is me barfing all over myself in Natalie’s car on the way home hahahahaha. Pregnancy is simultaneously majestic and disgusting.

31 Weeks:

We had a third ultrasound done to confirm my low-laying placenta had moved up and away from my cervix (it did!) and the tech got some really amazing photos of baby’s face. She has a full head of hair and eyebrows! And her cheeks! Ugh it’s crazy to think that this is what’s happening INSIDE my body right now. We can’t wait to meet her on the outside.

32 Weeks:

33 Weeks:

Finally retired my belly button piercings after 18 years of service lol Looks like they were hanging on for dear life.

34 Weeks:

36 Weeks:

37 Weeks:

Baby is essentially done at this point and we are just waiting for her to arrive! 🖤


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