Mavis: One Month Old

Day 1 – April 8th 2018

Many years ago I did a photo project alongside some friends called a 365 where you take a picture of yourself every day for a year. I kept mine going for over 500 consecutive days and the result was really cool to look back on, as well as being a great way to get to know myself and boost my self esteem. I haven’t had the motivation to do another one over the last 6 years, but since my daughter was born I have been taking a lot of photos of her (of course!) Actually, without trying, I had already taken a photo of Mavis every day for the first 3 weeks of her life and the idea struck me to do a 365 for her to document her first 365 days on earth. This will be a really beautiful keepsake to pass on to her one day (I turned my photos into a photo book and a large poster graphic) as well as a really neat way to document how a baby grows over the first year of life!

So once a month I’ll do an update to share the photos, and at the one year mark I will put together a chronological collage poster and booklet. This should be fun!

Day 2 – April 9th

Day 3 – April 10th


Day 4 – April 11th


Day 5 – April 12th


Day 6 – April 13th


Day 7 – April 14th


Day 8 – April 15th


Day 9 – April 16th


Day 10 – April 17th

Day 11 – April 18th

Day 12 – April 19th

Day 13 – April 20th

Day 14 – April 21st

Day 15 – April 22nd

Day 16 – April 23rd

Day 17 – April 24th

Day 18 – April 25th

Day 19 – April 26th

Day 20 – April 27th

Day 21 – April 28th

Day 22 – April 29th

Day 23 – April 30th

Day 24 – May 1st

Day 25 – May 2nd

Day 26 – May 3rd

Day 27 – May 4th


Day 28 – May 5th


Day 29 – May 6th


Day 30 – May 7th


Day 31 – May 8th


  1. ohm goodness cute alert. Firstly congratulations to you all (including the fur babies) What a gorgeous darling you have. Seeing her grow up in just a month – wow. What a brilliant idea to document her life by a photo/s a day… looking forward to watching her grow xx Much love to you all xx

    • Thanks so much! I’m really excited to see the growth. Seeing how much I changed in a year was wild, but babies change so much more so this should be really cool 🖤

  2. […] Our wonderful daughter Mavis is about to turn TWO! This is certainly a strange time to be alive but time marches on. You may remember I had been taking a photo of Mave every day for her first year, something called a 365 project that I have done with myself in years past. The first year has been posted on my blog month by month starting here! […]

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