Foraging Oyster Mushrooms

I am really enjoying being able to go walking the trails on Gabriola again following the birth of my daughter. Around the 6 month mark of pregnancy I started to find it incredibly hard to go walking without feeling like passing out in the dirt, a feeling that thankfully went away the instant she was born. I have a bit of work to do to get my strength back up, and walks now include a 9 pound baby strapped to my body, but so far so good!

On one of my recent walks I found a whole cluster of oyster mushrooms growing on a tree beside the trail, my first discovery of oysters in the wild. I didn’t harvest these ones because who am I kidding, they would just rot in my fridge before I had time to actually cook them, but I pointed some friends to their location so I’m sure they were eaten by someone with more time to do fun things like make delicious mushroom stir fry or soup.

I found a few more trees like this on subsequent walks which is exciting because maybe next year I’ll be able to harvest and cook them myself now that I know they are out there! They are so neat looking, Mushrooms are awesome.

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