Fox on an Island

Children’s Books

I have been working on a little library for Mavis so she will have lots of access to great books as she grows up. And lucky for us we have also been gifted many fabulous books to add to the shelves. Most of them are my own childhood books but I have also picked up a few new ones that grabbed my eye. Here’s a small selection of titles from the collection so far:

What I Do When I Have Feelings by Holly Simple (get it here)

We All Count: A Book of Cree Numbers by Julie Flett

A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo (From John Oliver at Last Week Tonight) 100% of proceeds going to the Trevor Project and AIDS United.

Some beautiful books we have been gifted:

Children’s books were just 50 cents at the Library Fundraiser book sale so I picked up these 3:

And some other thrift scores:

I had a copy of Once Upon a Potty by Alana Frankel when I was a kid and recently found this copy at GIRO for $1 which really surprised me. I remembered every page.

What are your favourite children’s books?