Houseplant Tour Part 1

HOUSE PLANTS. I’m a little obsessed. I feel like I have collected a few really nice ones and I wanted to document their growth as some of them are getting quite big.

Above is a succulent I bought on a whim on Main Street in Vancouver about 5 years ago. It was small and scraggly but now it looks great.

Monstera. Bought in Victoria at the end of 2016 when I was working there.

Ponytail Pom. On extended loan from a friend on the island who was moving into her van for a road trip.

Pothos I grew from a snippet in a glass of water.

Hoya grown from a clipping off another plant in a glass of water.

Maidenhair fern J gave me several years ago and I’ve managed not to kill yet (they are notoriously delicate)

Large peace lily I have had for over 5 years and moved with me from my condo in Vancouver. It died back after being placed in a room without enough light but now it’s coming back again.

Small succulent in a thrifted owl mug and a Haworthia I potted up a few weeks ago after it broke the glass on its last planter.

Aloe (one of several). Just a small starter I bought at Home Depot that has grown quite large.

Boston fern also on extended loan from the same friend, plus an African Violet I got as a transplant from one of my mom’s plants. This is the last of 4 starts I got, I’ve not had success with the other 3 😦

This is a small selection of the full collection, more to come in part 2!


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