Harvesting: Garlic

We harvested our garlic today! This is our first garlic crop and we got 30 heads of a pretty decent size. I was really impressed by how easy this crop was, I planted the cloves last fall and with the exception of snipping the scapes a few weeks ago they didn’t require much effort from us to grow. And they only took up half a planter. Next time I hope to plant more then we can add garlic to the list of foods we won’t need to buy anymore (with rhubarb and strawberries).

Want to know when to harvest garlic? Wait until the bottom 2 or 3 leaves have browned (these make up the outside of the garlic bulb) but the top leaves are still green (these run to the inside of the garlic bulb). Yank them out of the soil and peel back the browned leaves to remove the dirty outer layer of the bulb, but don’t get them wet or wash them in the sink. Trim the long leaves and roots off and hang them to dry in a well ventilated but dark room 🖤

One comment

  1. Excellent! now you don’t have to buy garlic from China!! I’m always a bit concerned about Chinese veggies.

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