How to Braid Garlic

We harvested our garlic bulbs recently and after letting them dry out for a few weeks it was time to store them. A neat way to store garlic is to braid it into a long bundle which I hadn’t tried before, so I gave it a shot. It’s trickier than it looks, probably because the stalks were so thick, but I’m pretty happy with the result.

Start by trimming the roots off the bulbs and cleaning them up in general. Then soak the leaves only in warm water to soften them for braiding. Don’t get the bulbs wet though. After 30 minutes of soaking you are ready to braid.

To begin the braid select the three largest bulbs and lay them out so the centre bulb is on top with the stem pointed towards yourself and the two on the sides cross each other over the centre stem. Tie with twine to hold it in place. Add three more bulbs in the same configuration so the stems are doubled up. Take the stems on the right and cross them under the centre stems so they are now in the middle. Now take the stems on the left and cross them under the centre stems so they are now in the middle. Add another three bulbs in the same configuration and braid the stems the same way you just did (now there are three stems to braid instead of just two). Continue doing this until all your garlic is braided and secure the end with a thick wrapping of twine then trim.

It’s tricky to get the bulbs tight, but they look best tied as closely together as possible. Use twine to secure each layer of you have to, making sure to trim all ends so the bundle is neat.

Here is a good article with animations if you need to see the braid in action.

This garlic is so pretty, the purple tint is lovely. I’m also really pleased with the size of the bulbs we got… garlic is so easy you just plant it and forget it all winter! We got 30 bulbs from a planter just 5′ x 1′. Not bad 🖤


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